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Balefire Bundle - Sacred Wood for Bonfires & Rituals

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The Balefire Bundle contains wood from four different sacred trees, as well as herbs that attract new beginnings, prosperity, and harmony. The pouch is perfect for performing your Sabbat rituals, whether you have an outdoor bonfire or a small altar offering. The pouch is made from all natural ingredients (burlap and twine) so you can feel free to toss the whole thing on your fire! Or you can pour out the ingredients during your ritual and keep the bag to reuse. Ash - Known in the Ogham as Nuin or Nion, and sacred to Norse mythology as the world tree Yggdrasil. The wood from an ash tree is commonly used for besoms and wands, as it is known for its protective and healing magick, as well as its link to the spirit world. Ash is used to attract love, prosperity, pyschic dreams, and harmony. Alder - Represented in the Ogham as Fearn. When immersed in water the wood does not rot, but rather hardens like stone. That is why we regard the alder with much respect and look to it when we need strength to overcome our own obstacles. It is used for building bridges, both literally and figuratively. It is also known to grant access to the faery realm and protect against malevolent faeries. Alder represents letting go, courage, and foundation. Oak - In the Ogham as Duir. One of the most scared trees to Druids, their name literally translating to "Oak-Seer". It is their ancient symbol of knowledge, and wisdom. It is a great provider, as Druids and natives used acorns for nourishment, and the oak's inner bark for healing the sick. Associated with Thor and Zeus, oak is a symbol of strength, enlightenment, honor, protection, renewal, and balance. Birch - The first letter of the Ohgam, Beithe. Beltane fire was historically started with birch to drive away the evil spirits of the previous year. Maypoles were made from birch as they are one of the first trees to sprout new leaves in Spring. Birch is associated with beginnings, truth, innocence, purification, and beauty. As with all Inky Cap products, the creator is not responsible for the effects this product may or may not have. Please be responsible around fire.