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Spell Jars

Spell Jars

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A collection of assorted loose leaf teas 

  • Teacup Candles

    These authentic antique bone china teacups from England have been repurposed into beautiful metaphysical candles of intent. The cup and saucer have become one piece, creating a stable base that can be used as an altar plate. Place objects of intent on your saucer, whether it’s crystals, talismans, a photo, etc. They are made with 100% soy wax, adorned with crystals and herbs, and sprinkled with biodegradable plant-based glitter.

  • Ritual Oils

    Ritual oils available for a variety of uses. These oils are made for anointing objects used in your rituals and spellwork. They are not scented perfume oils for your skin. They are made using old-world techniques and contain many different energies. Each one comes in a dropper bottle.

  • Hell Broth

    When Shakespeare wrote Macbeth, herbs were commonly referred to by many different names, including folk names. One example being buttercup AKA blisterweed, bachelor’s buttons, or toe of frog. This is a gathering of all of the herbs which Shakespeare used the folk names for. For entertainment purposes only. Do not consume. Most of the herbs contained in this mix are poisonous to pets, such as philodendron and buttercup. They can make a person's mouth burn and itch, or cause vomiting and diarrhea. An actual hell broth!