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Black Salt - Spell and Circle Protection

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Black salt has many uses in pagan, Wiccan, and occult practices: Place the salt anywhere you may want protection: under your bed, by a doorway, at your desk, in your car, etc. Line doorways and windows to keep away evil and unwanted visitors. Keep it with you for protection from bullies, enemies, rude customers, and any negative energy that may be directed your way. Banish unwanted people from your life. Use in rituals for communing with ancestors. Cleanse items of bad memories or attachments. Use in hexes or curses. Once the black salt has fulfilled its purpose and is full of negative energy, you can dispose of it. The most common way is to bury it in the woods, near a crossroads, or in a cemetery. Keep in mind, salting the earth dehydrates the soil and makes it hard for plants to grow again for quite some time. It may be better to dilute it by throwing it in some moving water. You can also throw it in a fire, or cast it into the air from a high point. Black salt contains charcoal and may stain light surfaces, so use with caution. Example: If lining window sills that are white, consider protecting the surface with fabric or some other material. As with all Inky Cap products, the creator is not responsible for the effects this product may or may not have.