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The Inkwell Emporium

Chime Candle

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Standard unscented spell candles for anointing, dressing, or using as-is!

  • Red: love, passion, romance, strength, bravery, revenge, fire
  • Orange: creativity, motivation, enthusiasm, ambition, confidence, power, justice
  • Yellow: optimism, emotional healing, focus, inner child, imagination, intelligence
  • Green: abundance, growth, health, luck, fertility, money, earth
  • Blue: peace, truth, forgiveness, anxiety, family harmony, water
  • Purple: divination, astral travel, psychic ability, wishes, respect, meditation
  • Pink: self love, compassion, beauty, flirtation, friendship, nurturing, reconciling
  • Black: banishing, protecting, binding, cursing, stealth, absorbing negativity
  • White: purity, cleansing, healing, beginnings, memorial, any and all magick
  • Brown: animal magick, grounding, balance, real estate, stability, family
  • Gold: male deities, masculine energy, sun spells, willpower, success, confidence
  • Silver: female deities, feminine energy, moon magick, dreams, intuition 

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