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Protection Spell Candle - Banishing, Binding, Shadow Work, Communing with the Dead

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Candle magick is a strong way of manifesting our desires, whether we are performing a complex ritual, giving an offering on our altar, or even just meditating. It is a kind of alchemy that incorporates all elements. You have the fire of the flame, the air that feeds it, the water in the steam that is released, and the earth of ash and carbon residue left behind. In addition to these attributes, I anoint each of these candles with strong intent to bring in the desired results they help to manifest. They are then covered in herbs intuitively chosen to enhance their offerings. Black is associated with protection, uncrossing, banishing, binding, death, the unconscious mind, secrecy, and shadow work. This listing is for a pair of anointed chime candles. Anything else shown in the photos is for reference only. These are smaller than taper candles, measuring about 4 inches in height. See photos for size reference. Candles are not scented. As with all Inky Cap products, the creator is not responsible for the effects this product may or may not have.