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Spell Jar - Unicorn - Power, Potential, & Pride Witch Bottle for Spirit Element

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Unicorns are a sign of freedom, power, purity, magic, diversity, pride, divinity, knowledge, hope, and so much more. In ancient mythology it is said that they are so pure and untainted that they do not show themselves to anyone unless that person is also pure of heart. They are one of the most powerful and magical beings known to humankind. Inside each and every one of us is that magnificent power and potential. We can be anything we want to be, as long as we perceive it and believe it. There are no limits to our magic. When we tap into that power and nurture it, we shine like these majestic creatures. These spell jars contain herbs, crystals, stones, and trinkets intuitively chosen to enhance inner power. They are topped with aura quartz, which is used to release self-doubt and purify your mind, allowing for enhanced consciousness. Use this spell to realize your magic, your specialness, and your awesome ability to achieve anything. Be proud and be free, Unicorn.

All spell jars are made with intent during specific moon phases with incantations. They incorporate herb and color magic for their individual purposes. I carefully choose little treasures and trinkets to include in each jar to enhance my intentions, though they are not always all visible. The crystals on top give the spell jars increased energy. I suggest recharging your spell periodically by placing it under the full moon, either outside or in a window. Each spell comes with an incantation that you can recite when recharging, or whenever you need a boost. You can even place it on a selenite disc to help it preserve the charged energy!

Listing is for the spell jar only, everything else in the photo is for display purposes only and is not included. Photos show examples of the product, actual product may differ in appearance. If you would like me to reach out with the current charms available, please feel free to send me a message! Otherwise, the charm will be chosen at random. The crystals vary in size and shape, and the objects of intent are unique inside each one. These spells are meant to be used as tools to help you manifest your own desires. The creator is not responsible for the results that do or do not happen when using their spellcraft. Much of witchcraft depends on inner belief, energy, and intent.