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Spell Jar - Woods Witch - Grounding, Earth Element, Nature Spirit, & Strength Witch Bottle

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Do you feel at peace in the forest? Would you rather sit on the ground than use furniture? How many sticks and rocks have you kept as treasures? Do you fantasize about living in a dark hole covered in dirt and moss?? Okay, that might be going a bit too far, but it’s not a far stretch for those of us who have a strong connection to the earth element. Also known as green witches, a woods witch practices with herbs, ancient folklore, and nature and animal spirits. They prefer to be alone and can be quite wild.

I have created these Woods Witch Spell Jars to call upon the earth within us, connect us to that element, ground us, and give us strength. Everything inside is a found treasure from the green mountains of Vermont during my hikes and nature walks. I gain great energy and power from the forests here, and am always presented with gifts. The jars are topped with raw black obsidian for an extra powerful grounding energy that links us to the earth.

All spell jars are made with intent during specific moon phases with incantations. They incorporate herb and color magic for their individual purposes. I carefully choose little treasures and trinkets to include in each jar to enhance my intentions, though they are not always all visible. The crystals on top give the spell jars increased energy. I suggest recharging your spell periodically by placing it under the full moon, either outside or in a window. Each spell comes with an incantation that you can recite when recharging, or whenever you need a boost. You can even place it on a selenite disc to help it preserve the charged energy!

Listing is for the spell jar only, everything else in the photo is for display purposes only and is not included. Photos show examples of the product, actual product may differ in appearance. If you would like me to reach out with the current charms available, please feel free to send me a message! Otherwise, the charm will be chosen at random. The crystals vary in size and shape, and the objects of intent are unique inside each one. These spells are meant to be used as tools to help you manifest your own desires. The creator is not responsible for the results that do or do not happen when using their spellcraft. Much of witchcraft depends on inner belief, energy, and intent.